Top 10 Reasons You’re Ready to Run Your Own Salon Studio Rental at UNION YYC

A happy customer at UNION YYC Salon Rental in Calgary

You know you need the change. Perhaps you love working in someone else’s salon, or perhaps you loathe it. Either way, you can feel that urge building in you that it’s time to expand into your own space.

But then the excuses come in, the fears start to block your dreams and the feeling of not knowing even where to start stops you dead in your tracks. Even though, inside, you know you’re ready for more:

  • More control of your space and professional brand.
  • More time to call your own.
  • More money in your bank account.
  • More freedom to be your own boss and set your own schedule.

And you’re not alone in thinking of making this empowering change:

Of Calgary’s total business establishments (54,586) in 2013, small businesses (businesses with less than 50 employees) accounted for a whopping 95%! (Calgary Small Businesses: Fact Sheet) And that number continues to grow.

In the past, the traditional career path for a hair stylist or barber, for example, is to receive initial training and work for a percentage of commissions, often with the majority of your earnings going to the “house”. This scenario does have some perks, especially for those who are new to the industry and can learn from their more experienced salon owners and senior stylists. Also, you don’t have to worry about running the business, you get to focus strictly on who is sitting in your chair.

The next step (or leap) in this traditional career path is to go from working for someone else to running your own salon with enough chairs to make it feasible. This is a huge leap from running a chair in a salon to running and managing a full-time “bricks and mortar” business. As you know, a business like this involves real estate rental, leasing or ownership; it takes management of stock and human resources, marketing your brand online and on the street every. single. day. There is a reason why salons take their percentage, there is a lot they need to cover with their current setup.

This “leap” is a daunting one and it is often a hurdle that many health & beauty professionals fail to take in stride. But what if there was a simplified salon ownership option?

The New Alternative: Salon Studio Rentals at UNION YYC

You can find out how much you can save by renting a salon studio space at UNION YYC by using our salon rental calculator. It’s an easy way to estimate how much more money you can take home at the end of the week.

What if you could have the best of both worlds as you transition from the safe (but limited) scenario of working for someone else to the freedom and excitement of running your own show, developing your own brand and choosing your own clientele?

If you are considering renting a salon studio in Calgary (perhaps one that is close to downtown Calgary in particular) then we urge you to consider these top 10 factors when deciding if you’re ready to make the move to your own branded salon studio space.

1. You’ve Got a Unique Vision

Your own brand is not about ego or bragging rights, it’s about providing the best, unique experience that only you can offer to your clientele. This experience helps them feel empowered and at their best. This is a feeling that will bring them back time and time again, for years to come. This is also the positive feeling that spurs your clients to refer you to others. In essence, your vision is your unique brand, your own flair and style that makes you and others feel great.

A vision without a solid plan of action will remain a day dream. So, you need to be ready to make that vision a reality.

2. You’ve Got the Experience

You know your stuff. You’ve worked endless hours to deliver stunning results for your clientele and they’re all the happier for it. You’ve refined your practice as a hair stylist, nail technician or health practitioner to know how to deal with every type of scenario. Your experience has given you confidence and you love to share your knowledge and passion.

Similar to your unique vision, your experience is also unique ONLY to you. Your skill set and work experience is a unique gift that you bring to each client. This is essential to remember as you move into your own salon or rental space.

3. You’ve Got the Work Ethic

You know what needs to be done and you’re happy to take the time to do the job properly, no matter to whom you answer. Not every aspect of your job is glamorous, but you understand and accept this as part of your bigger vision and goals. Work ethic alone will separate the good from the great.

You understand that turning up is 75% of the battle, the other 25% is to stay true to providing a consistent and enjoyable experience for your clients, day in and day out.

4. You Crave the Freedom of Your Own Time & Earning Potential

Every “job” has its limitations and sacrifices that we accept as part of the deal. This is true in both scenarios whether you are working for someone else or for yourself. However, when you consider what you get in return for those sacrifices, running your own salon rental space opens the door to a greater potential of time and financial freedom.

If you’re happy working for someone else, that’s all good! But if you crave the freedom of being your own boss, setting your own time and earning potential, then you may well be ready to rent your own salon or spa space at UNION YYC.

5. You Want to Work with People, Not for Them

There’s a big difference between working for a boss and working alongside your peers. There’s also a huge difference between having to serve someone else’s clients and serving those who have specifically aligned with your vision and style.

At UNION YYC, you will become part of a larger professional collective. You will share a common ground with other health and wellness experts who can relate to your journey and goals.

6. You Know When to Ask for Help

Success doesn’t just include knowing your strengths, but your weaknesses too. When you’re able to acknowledge those areas that need support, you can ask for help.

As Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” And his success as a player is also in part to his coaches and teammates. So, when you decide to expand into your own space, make sure you are ready to ask questions, ask for help and find those around you who can help turn those weaknesses into strengths…then you become unstoppable.

There are lots of resources available to new salon owners, both in Calgary and online. For example this article, 31 Innovative Salon Marketing Ideas to Build Your Clientele offers some great insights from a variety of salon marketing professionals.

7. You Want to Give Your Clients the Best Experience

One of the biggest attractions of running your own salon space is that you are largely in control of your clients’ experience. This includes all aspects of their session, from booking, to being greeted and ushered into your welcoming space, to your selection of quality products and personalised services all the way to their happy departure to tell their friends about their experience.

UNION YYC supports your ability to provide this experience with an open and bright reception area, 9-foot sliding doors and 10-foot windows. Each salon studio rental space is engineered for acoustic privacy and individually ventilated. You can deepen their experience with use of our 1,800 square foot private patio for private events. Our penthouse level salon studios offer many options that are not available anywhere else in Calgary.

8. You’re Ready to Take Control of your Career Path

Now you can see your future, you can see the reality of running your own salon space is closer than you thought. You’re ready to make your vision a reality. When you take control of your own career, you can step through the door with confidence and pride, knowing you’ve made the right decision to move forward with the support you need.

UNION YYC offers ongoing education and workshops to help beauty & wellness professionals take that next step in becoming their own boss. We can help you with the collective support you need and also help with financial strategies to make the most of your business.

9. You Know Life is More than Work

What are you working for? What are you working towards? While you may love your work, especially when you’re running your own show and have the support of your peers around you, we all know there is more to life than work. Taking a break to relax on the private patio, booking off a half-day for a fun outing in downtown Calgary, or having a laugh with your colleagues in the shared common area, are all part of your new schedule. It’s all possible with UNION YYC. As this Huffington Post article notes, “Coworking spaces are great for productivity and work-life balance. They help entrepreneurs feel more confident, tap into huge networks and innovate with other like-minded people.”

Run a barber hair salon rental calgary at UNION YYC

Here are some of the top statistics that shared workspaces are becoming the better choice for professionals:

  1. It Makes You Feel Healthier
    70% reported they felt healthier than they did working in a traditional work setting
  2. You Complete Tasks Better
    64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time
  3. You Can Focus Better
    68% said they were able to focus better while coworking
  4. Coworking Leads to Better Interactions
    91% have better interactions with others after working
  5. Coworking Makes You More Relaxed
    60% are more relaxed at home since coworking
  6. Lots of Coworkers Are Younger
    78% of coworkers are under 40
    (Did you know that the median age of Calgarians is a young 36.9 years (Annual Demographic Estimates, Statistics Canada, 2019)?Coworking Makes You More Confident
    90% said they felt more confident when coworking
  7. You Make More Money Coworking
    50% report higher incomes (check out the UNION YYC Revenue Calculator here)
  8. Be Ready for Positive Change

In essence, all change is ultimately positive. We learn from every choice and decision we make throughout our lives. So, the main challenge really comes down to making that choice to walk through that door, send that email or making that phone call. Taking action is the only way to make your dream, your vision, a reality. Are you ready for a positive change in your professional career?

At UNION YYC, we’re here to help make your transition to your own salon or spa rental as easy as possible. Sure, there are always challenges to life, but if you focus on the positive and higher-level goals, we know you’ll do just fine. And remember, we’ve got your back with ways to earn more money, work in a unique, professional setting custom-designed for you.

You can take the first step today by booking a private tour, or discovering how much more money you can earn with our Revenue Calculator, when you join our like-minded community at UNION YYC.