What is a Salon Studio?

An individual salon or spa studio, with the working space for 1 – 4 professionals. These are located within a group of salon studios and each studio is private and secure.

Who can rent a studio salon from UNION?

All health, beauty, & wellness professionals, including such professions as: hair stylists & barbers, estheticians, massage therapist, microblading specialists, makeup artists, lash technicians, etc.

What is the benefit of renting a salon studio versus working at a salon or spa?

The ability to set your schedule, chose studio design, and pricing. Plus you are able to keep more of your income.

Will I increase my Income?

Yes! Every time you perform a service at your current workplace, a portion goes to the owner. At UNION YYC, you are the owner, so you are only required to pay for your rental space as we do not charge a commission on your services. Visit the UNION Service Revenue Calculator page to see the potential.

Are there options available for professional/business development?

We offer educational resources such as business workshops and seminars.

What do I need to operate at UNION?

Insurance and license.

What are the costs involved?

Deposit and 1 year lease with weekly payments. Rates vary based on studio size. Referral incentives available.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at  403-607-4018 or email info@unionyyc.com and you can book a tour.

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